Vague hopes and vague plans

Blogging is just like parenting. OK, that’s not even a little bit true. But, I am finding that they have one thing in common. When you start a blog — like with raising a child — you begin with some vague hopes and plans and, from there, you make it up as you go. 

So, as I’m starting this endeavor, I’ll try to share the vague hopes and plans I have for this blog. I’m not going to give you some crap about trying to “create a community” or to “be a voice” for a particular group of people. I am blogging entirely for myself. 

I think organizing my thoughts and writing them down from time to time is good for me. And having an editor and — hopefully — a few readers reading those thoughts will keep me at it. 

Beyond the writing being cathartic, I am hoping that I’ll find some readers that will love my blog, shower me with praise and adoration and therefore validate me as both a writer and father. 

It sounds bad to say that last part out loud, but it’s the truth. And if love and validation is my vague hope, my vague plan is to simply tell the truth. 

Of course I’ll tell the truth about facts and events. I’ll only tell true stories and I won’t exaggerate a situation to prove a point.  

But what I really mean is that I want to write about things that I don’t talk about. 

I want to write about my son punching me in the face. I want to write about turning the car stereo up loud enough to drown out my daughter’s wailings in the backseat. I want to write about listening on the baby monitor as that boy sang that girl to sleep with “I love you just the way you are” from an episode of Daniel Tiger. 

I want to write — honestly — about all of my successes and failures as a father and my struggle to become the dad I want to be. 

I have no idea how it’ll turn out. I assume that, like with parenting, everything is going to go exactly according to plan.