Dana Croatt
The Dad I Want to Be
I’m afraid of snakes. Irrationally, terribly afraid. So when I saw one in my yard — MY yard — last week, I did not take it lightly. A true monster, this garter was fully grown — upwards of 20 inches.It slid away as I moved a bag of grass clippings along my garage. Faster than I would have thought possible, right into a row of thick bushes. Now I know what I’m about to say makes me a bad person. Garter snakes are, by all accounts, good creatures to have in your yard. They control pests,... more
Beyond the Doofus Dad
I fit a lot of dad stereotypes. I tell lame jokes. I try and fail to fix things myself. I can't do anything with my daughter's hair. But despite fitting some stereotypes and a landslide of father failings, I am not a Doofus Dad. You know the type — the classic Homer Simpson. There's countless fictional examples, but not many real... more
Keeping calm
Kipton got his first “big boy” bike for Christmas this year. It’s a blue Huffy with training wheels. And of course it had the one feature he insisted on — the world’s loudest horn. Naturally, he grew more and more restless to try his bike as the winter dragged on. When it was finally warm enough for him to give it a try outside, he... more
Vague hopes and vague plans
Blogging is just like parenting. OK, that’s not even a little bit true. But, I am finding that they have one thing in common. When you start a blog — like with raising a child — you begin with some vague hopes and plans and, from there, you make it up as you go. So, as I’m starting this endeavor, I’ll try to share the vague hopes... more
Hello and welcome
If you’re reading this post, it must be because of one of three reasons: 1) You know me personally. 2) You stumbled here from the Parent website. 3) You are from the future, my blog has become wildly popular and you came here to see how it all began. To the first group: Thank you for the support. Come back sometime or if you... more