The Sneetches: The Musical
This world-premiere adaptation of Dr. Seuss' book presents a powerful parable about courage and friendship for all ages. On Sneetch Beach, there's a line in the sand - Star Bellies on one side, Plain Bellies on the other. That's the way it is, was and will be. At least until the sneaky and greedy Sylvester Monkey McBean comes to town with his Star On machine. Suddenly, the difference between the haves and the have nots - those with stars and those without - isn't so clear. What will the Sneetches do now? Days vary. Check website for tickets. Feb. 7-March 26
When: Feb 17 Also: Feb 18, Feb 19, Feb 22, Feb 23 & Feb 24
Where: Children's Theatre Company, Minneapolis
Cost: Tickets start at $15.
Website: childrenstheatre.org