Susan Wangen
As I walked into work, I held the door for two different coworkers sporting different progressions of baby bumps. I smiled wide and simultaneously winced as my work bag swung against my backside — sore from rounds of painful progesterone shots. Sitting down at my desk in my classroom, I sipped my decaf herbal tea and opened my email. My stomach dropped as I saw the subject line “Big News” from another expecting coworker. I was so happy for their family, but I began to wonder how much... more
Raising the bar — for all
Last winter I lied to my math class for four whole weeks. Let me explain: In fourth grade we have our students take a pretest, and then, using the results, we group them by how much they already know about the concepts. Last winter, I taught the “high” group. I loved moving at a fast pace and throwing out puzzle challenges... more