Katie Dohman
World's Okayest Mom
Want to ratchet a parent’s blood pressure up about 30 points? Ask if they relish the idea of boarding a plane with tiny, sticky humans who consider themselves conscientious objectors to sitting down, inside voices and not kicking seatbacks. Things I have feared — besides my very own mortality, but perhaps with the same heightened visceral stomach-clenching horror — have been: poopsplosions, meltdowns, ear-popping pain, side-eye from kid haters and the inability to come up with a... more
Indie rock
Courtney Barnett’s latest, Tell Me How You Really Feel, reminds me I’m still a little wild grunge rocker at heart. I just dance with my babies in the dining room instead.$19 on vinyl • amazon.com  more
Chic urban salon
The other day a woman stopped me and said, “I love how your hair matches your pants.” I guess I inadvertently started a new trend. My six-week appointments at Haus Salon (two Minneapolis locations) refresh my color and also my outlook. They also reset my patience with my kids. — Katie Dohmanhaussalon.com more
His first (gulp) haircut!
My 3½-year-old son had long hair up until about a week ago. Long as in, halfway down his back. It capitalized on this laidback surfer vibe he seems to give off, and more than one person has called him “Spicoli.” Why did I allow it to grow so long? A bunch of reasons — stubbornness, lack of time, not wanting to deal with a possible... more
Lip color
Need an instant face or mood pick-me-up? Get to know Lakshmi, a blazing pink lip color from the local miracle workers at The Elixery. Teeth gleam, eyes sparkle, can't lose.$22 • elixery.com/lakshmi more
A love letter to reading
My childhood bedroom windows faced south and east, and in the spring, our lilac bushes bloomed and the apple tree blossomed. The breeze would blow, carrying a heady, sweet-spicy smell through my window and over my blue-and-white gingham comforter. I laid my freshly washed, braided hair across my flannelly Care Bears pillowcase. I was... more
Kid nail clippers
Nix the nippers and use the finer, nuanced blades of cuticle scissors for trimming kids’ nails. See better and cut more accurately. No boo-boos, owies or bandages, just salon-worthy mani/pedis.  $6.29 • amazon.com more
You have my permission
I wish we could power the world with unasked-for advice. Think about it — totally renewable, takes up space only in the air (though it does sometimes demolish the psyche) and it’s endless! Someone get me a Nobel, I’ve finally found a use for the stuff. And the advice never comes faster or as furiously as when people discover... more
The IUD is back (and better)
In 1960, a prescription drug designed to suppress ovulation and inhibit conception — widely known and universally referred to as The Pill — liberated a generation of women, allowing them to take control of their sexual health for the very first time in history. If you came of age in the ’80s or ’90s, your provider likely floated The... more
The sweatshirt dress
Sweatshirt dresses are wardrobe chameleons. Also known as T-shirt dresses, they feel like your favorite hoodie and can be worn with tennies and a macaroni necklace, but polish up nicely with heels and statement jewelry.  — Katie Dohman$98 • athleta.com more
There she goes
I remember a few things about my first day of kindergarten. My pleated, plaid wool skirt itched. My mom made me pin my bus schedule to my pink sweater vest. My teacher was Mrs. Seath, whom I immediately loved because she had long, curly black hair that she could whip into a braid, lightning fast, secured with a bright scrunchie. ... more
In the age of apps, call me a brontosaurus. I can’t live without my Ban.do planner. I make All the Lists with monthly/weekly views, note pages and stickers. My inner 8-year-old: Thrilled. Adult self: Organized. August–to–August formats are for sale now. — Katie Dohman$20–$32 • bando.com more
The things we grew
We planned on living in our current house forever. It’s midcentury modern, and has the elusive fourth bedroom. It’s in a great location — we can walk to a small grocery store when we’re out of coffee (a true emergency if there ever was one) — and there’s a splash pad across the street. Most notably, it was here that I started to... more
Shower cap
I know this seems like the bougiest thing ever, but Shhhowercap is worth its weight in gold. It holds TONS of hair and never smells of mildew. I hop outta the shower (without the tell-tale damp edges), spray dry shampoo and go. You can even wear it as a hat — hair out! — because it’s just plain gorgeous. — Katie Dohman$43 • shhhowercap.... more
Waiting for Papa Yaya
It’s January 852nd, 2018. There’s a blizzard warning. Snow is flying sideways when my tulips should be coming up — Facebook Memories cruelly rubs it in when I check to see who else is whining about the weather.All the couch cushions are tossed haphazardly on the floor in a makeshift fort, toys flung... more
The art of chaos
This column — my debut in Minnesota Parent! — was turned in late. Here’s why: Working motherhood is kind of for the birds. I’m a freelance writer and have three kids under 5. I know. If you look up “total chaos” at Dictionary.com, my family’s photo is riiiiiight there. My 3-year-old, the middle kid, was going through the final... more