Kate Hopper
A frequent lament of my Motherhood & Words students is the challenge of carving out time to write. There’s the tower of laundry on the sofa in the living room, the dinner that needs to be made, the sick child home from school, the co-worker calling to find out why you haven’t emailed the report that was due two minutes ago. With all of the work/home/family responsibilities spread before you, how could you take an hour (or even 20 minutes) to sit down in front of the computer and... more
Go, mama, go!
I never set out to be a runner. Sure, I ran cross-country in high school, but most of the time I hated it. I tried to trip myself during races when the exhaustion became unbearable, and my friends and I often took short cuts on long practice runs. We hid in the bushes or ran to Burger King for French fries while the rest of our team... more
The nuk princess <br /><span class="subHeadline">the answer to an addiction</span>
I dreaded the day Stella would have to give up her pacifier. She was hard-core addicted to it. Whenever we were in the car, she whined, "My nuk, my nuk, I need my nuk!" And at bedtime, it was a must. When we popped it into her mouth, it was like a shot of valium.She loved her nuk, but she was almost 3 years old; it was a little... more