Chad Cartier
On Behavior
What parent or guardian, at some point, hasn’t doubted his or her ability to parent well? Add a family crisis or a child’s behavioral health challenges, and that doubt can morph into debilitating shame. Worse yet, is fear of seeking help.   As a licensed professional clinic counselor who works with children and teens, I often encounter family members who avoid talk therapy. Parents tell me they blame themselves for their child’s behavioral health struggles. Kids blame their... more
When Josh Went on a Walkabout
Addressing mental health in the teen yearsForty-three year old Daniel sits down at his computer to compose a plausible lie to tell Lizzie. But first, he re-reads her email for what seems like the seventeenth time.Hi Dan! Are you coming to the reunion? It would be great to see you again! Best, Lizzie. P.S. Do you even remember me?Remember... more