Amanda Webster
“Look at the firemen!” a father says to his son, pointing toward a parking lot, where our local fire station is having an open house. Sirens blare and children squeal as they climb colossal trucks and hoist heavy turnout gear onto their tiny bodies.The man’s son, maybe 4 years old, leaps into the air.“I wanna see the firemen!” He shouts. “Hurry, hurry!” The boy grabs his father’s hand and drags him toward the commotion.Firewhat?The firefighters are conducting a training exercise... more
Creating community
Choosing child care is an important decision for many families. Parents want to know their children will be well taken care of by qualified people in a safe environment, ideally in close proximity to home or work. These days, they’re also looking for top-quality early childhood education programming. After all, experts say the years... more
Diagnosis: Gifted
Elliott Tanner looks like your average 9-year-old kid. He’s tall and gangly, with long brown hair and wide brown eyes. He smiles easily and loves talking to people. If you met him on the street, you might be struck by how easily he can carry on a conversation, but you might not guess he attends a local community college. “My... more
A motherless mother
Seventeen days before my son turned 2, my mom died.She, a single mom. Me, an only child. I felt orphaned. And the prospect of facing motherhood without her still hurts. Three years later, my son, now 5, still asks about his Mimi. My daughter, 18 months, will never know her. I’m 35. Married with kids. I own a house, two... more